Areas of application

What tasks does RulonBeton ® perform

RulonBeton ® is used for the construction of new and protection of existing structures operated in various conditions, including in aggressive environments and any climate.

Urban and rural landscaping

  • the Repair and strengthening of bridges, viaducts and ground facilities
  • Reconstruction of livestock farms, vegetable and grain storage
  • public transport in rural areas
  • Ramps for disabled people and means of individual mobility
  • Reconstruction of playgrounds and sports fields.
  • Sealing of landfills and hazardous waste
  • Landscaping of public areas
  • Strengthening trenches and embankments
  • Sealing of weeds and vegetation
  • Habitable roofs and parking lots in shopping malls

Construction, protection and reconstruction

  • Metrostroy – sealing underground riverbeds, technological driveways and walkways, permanent formwork, laying of communications
  • the shore line
  • the treatment and Repair of underground communications
  • blind Area and waterproofing tanks and facilities
  • Waterworks and drainage, dams, pools
  • slope from a collapse and erosion
  • Repair wells and manholes road
  • Waterproofing of the roadway
  • fire-Retardant coating of steel structures
  • the Ditches and stormwater facilities
  • Restoring gabions
National projects of Russia